You might have heard of Baluchari Sari’s, where the stories of Ramayan and Mahabharata are woven into the silk. This is one of the centers for this art form. The designs they say are inspired by the designs on the walls of terracotta temples. The whole process is still manual. And is done at small units that produce about 2-3 Sari’s a week. Now I always knew about Baluchari. But the boards on the streets said Baluchari and Swarnachari and I was curious to find out about this new version of the better-known Baluchari.  After talking to a couple of artisans I figured out that if the weave is done using silk thread it is called Baluchari and if it is done using gold thread, it is called Swarnachari.
Going with the trend, they have started weaving similar motifs for salwar – kameez as well on an experimental basis. The fabric remains silk or Tussar silk. I wish they could weave the same stuff in cotton, which would make it wearable on a more regular basis.

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